Customer Success Manager (CSM)

US (Remote), $75,000 - $85,000 p.a.

Who we are

Trelica is a tech start-up with team members distributed across the UK, US, and Switzerland. We’re operating in the SaaS management space, which is a new and rapidly expanding market focussed on helping businesses get the most from the various SaaS apps they’re using (think Zoom, Salesforce, Slack).

Since launching our product in early 2021, we’ve gained customers across North America, Europe, and Asia. We’re looking for great people to help shape and deliver our continued growth.

We’ve recently dedicated significant time and resources to developing our Customer Success function. Over the past year, we’ve implemented several new tools and processes to assist in ensuring customers are achieving meaningful outcomes with Trelica. These processes have been successful in establishing consistency in our customer interactions as well as streamlining our customer journey. To support our future growth and the needs of our customers, we’re looking for someone with excellent interpersonal skills, a team mindset, and the technical ability to drive product adoption. 

Main Objective of the Role

The primary objective of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Trelica is to ensure our customers achieve meaningful outcomes through their use of Trelica. These outcomes represent substantial value to our clients, which could include cost savings, streamlined workflows, and improved compliance. 

Our main product areas: SaaS Spend & Licenses, License Optimization, Employee Onboarding, Employee Offboarding, Access Requests Management. 

The CSM plays a pivotal role in guiding customers toward these outcomes, aligning their needs with our platform's capabilities, and tracking progress transparently. This role is vital in securing renewals and fostering positive customer references, essential for our growth.

Key Tasks and Deliverables

Proactive Customer Relationship Management

As a Customer Success Manager, you will be responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. Specifically, this means:

  • Proactively engaging with customers to understand their individual needs and objectives.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure customers' requests and concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Gathering customer feedback and passing it along to the appropriate teams, influencing potential product improvements.
  • Developing and implementing customer success plans tailored to each client.
  • Regularly checking in with customers to achieve outcomes, gauge satisfaction, and gather feedback.
  • Working with the CSM team on monthly/quarterly goals, based on defined KPIs. 

Product Knowledge and Guidance

To excel in this role, a deep understanding of Trelica’s various product areas is essential. This will be the most important task during your first few months at Trelica. Specifically, this means:

  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of our offerings and staying updated on new features and updates.
  • Providing expert guidance to customers on how to maximize the value of our products within their unique contexts.
  • Working with our Support team within our ticketing software, Zendesk, to troubleshoot customer issues and ensure timely resolution.
  • Working with our Implementation team to address uniquely technical requests/setups, facilitating customer calls, when necessary.

Customer Onboarding

The CSM collaborates closely with the sales team to facilitate the onboarding process for new customers. This includes:

  • Leading a customer kick-off call, describing Trelica’s various product areas and avenues for customer support.
  • Working with the customer to identify desired outcomes and focus areas for the initial onboarding period and beyond.
  • Early detection and mitigation of low customer engagement or dissatisfaction to minimize churn risk.

Data Analysis and Strategy

Part of the role includes analyzing customer data in our Customer Success tool, Totango, and strategizing for long-term success. Specifically, this means:

  • Utilizing data and metrics in Totango to identify areas where customers may need additional support or where customers may be exhibiting risk.
  • Segmenting customers on various metrics (low health score, poor adoption of various product areas…etc) to customize the strategy and success plan for individual customers.
  • Create data-driven strategies to increase customer engagement, product adoption, and overall satisfaction.

Outcome Tracking

The CSM is responsible for:

  • Updating customer profiles and notes in Totango, ensuring that the Trelica team has a clear view of each customer's outcomes/progress.
  • Tracking various customer “wins” (outcomes) including feature adoption and positive sentiments from the customer and communicating these outcomes to the Trelica team.

Resource Development

From time to time, in collaboration with the CS Lead, the CSM may work on creating scalable resources to assist customers in their engagement with Trelica. This may include generating educational content, documentation correction/ideas, as well as monthly customer newsletter planning. 

Person specification

  • 2+ years of experience in a Customer Success role in a B2B SaaS business (or similar experience).
  • Proficiency in communicating technical issues clearly and concisely.
  • A polite yet persistent approach to customer engagement.
  • An inquisitive and analytical mindset applied to both understanding the Trelica platform and customer-specific contexts.
  • Strong judgment in prioritizing and decision-making.
  • Excellent organizational skills, crucial for managing engagement with numerous customers effectively.
  • Willingness to adapt to flexible working patterns and schedules, as we serve customers across various time zones.
  • Team-minded and able to work asynchronously with colleagues across time zones. 
  • Desire to work in a startup environment. 


Remote (EST) - While we welcome applicants from other US time zones, you must be willing to work EST hours, as this is our current need to better cover our customer base. Your first few months will be spent working closely with your teammates for training, so a willingness to flex your working hours to better align time zones will be needed.

There is also the option to add a WeWork membership, if useful. Because you’ll be working with a team in both the US and Europe, there may also be times (1 to 2 times throughout the year) when it is beneficial to travel for in-person meetups. 

Salary & benefits

$75,000 - $85,000 p.a.

20 days PTO

Enrollment in our workplace health insurance plan

401k matching

The range accounts for our willingness to hire someone highly motivated with less CSM experience vs. someone with a bit more experience managing a book of business. 

How to apply

Please send over your resume along with a short cover letter to, with the job title “CSM Position - US” in the subject line. The cover letter can be short, as we would just like to know what interests you about our company / the role and why you think you could be a good fit.

This role is only open to those who are US-based and eligible to work in the US. Additionally, please don't apply if you're not in the Eastern Standard Timezone or willing to work EST hours.

No agencies for this one, thank you

Trelica’s culture

We’re a small team (currently around 20 people). We’re passionate about creating SaaS products that look great, work well and ultimately solve real-world problems for our customers.

Our approach - both within the business and with our customers - is to be engaged, honest, and pragmatic; ultimately we try to be sensible people! That means we get excited if there is a brilliantly simple solution to a complex problem, but we get equally excited about helping people with complex problems that need more thoughtful and less ‘magic’ solutions!

We’re used to working remotely and autonomously and use Slack and Google Meet to keep in contact on a synchronous basis. Most of the team is based in or around Cambridge (UK), however, we’re actively growing our US team as well.