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SaaS has changed the way businesses use software. Trelica is changing the way IT teams manage their SaaS.

Discover your inventory & shadow IT

Optimize spend

Automate IT operations

Engage end-users

Trusted by customers worldwide

Understand usage

Keep on top of your SaaS landscape by automating application discovery and user engagement insights.

applications management
Savings oppertunity

Maximize value

Quickly identify and consolidate overlapping usage. Drive adoption of strategic apps.Remove or downgrade underused accounts. Stay on top of renewals.

Engage users

Partner with the business owners of your strategic apps and give them tools to share responsibility for SaaS management.Gather user feedback & analyze usage trends to inform your IT strategy.

app satisfaction
unused accounts

Automate operations

Define workflows to automate repetitive SaaS management operations, from employee onboarding to deprovisioning of unused licenses.

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GigaOm Radar: Leader & Outperformer

"Trelica has a deep focus on quality in its core product."
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Certified by ITAM Review

"Visually appealing and easy to navigate, striking a fine balance between ease of use and detail through the use of extensive drill down and filtering functionality."
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