Initiate Discovery

SaaS management starts with discovery

Simply understanding what apps are in use is the first step in promoting a culture of secure &  efficient SaaS usage.

Get Real Visibility

Get a complete picture of SaaS usage with automated discovery and prepopulated app profiles.

Uncover Fragmented & Unsanctioned Spend

Track spend on Shadow SaaS and identify overlapping or duplicate expense claims.

Surface Risky OAuth Access

Discover and revoke user OAuth grants that share access to your company resources.

Automate Follow-up

Leverage workflows to keep you informed of interesting new discoveries and orchestrate next steps.

Seamless Integration

How it works

Connect your existing IT systems to Trelica and gain application insights in a matter of minutes.

Identity Providers & SSO Integration

Integrate with popular Identity Providers such as Okta, Google Workspace and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to see which apps are being accessed by who and how often

Finance System Connectivity

Connect finance systems like NetSuite, Sage Intacct and Expensify to enrich your usage data with spend insights and uncover apps not being accessed via your Identity Provider

Browser Extension

Fill discovery gaps by deploying Trelica’s extension to reveal access to apps outside of your Identity Provider and benefit from early detection of freemium adoption before the expense claims arrive

"With all of the rich data on our SaaS applications and users in one place, the SOC 2 auditing process is much faster, easier, and less stressful for everyone involved."
Oleg Lekuchev
VP of IT, ElectroNeek
"... shocked to see how many apps people were using, but achieving this comprehensive view of the environment was a critical first step in our quest to manage our software better"
Leon Weavers
Head of IT, Flipdish
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Take Control of Your Shadow SaaS with Trelica

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Frequently asked questions

How does Trelica identify Shadow SaaS applications?

A combination of Identity Provider access log analysis (including OAuth/OIDC, SAML, SWA) with spend transaction scanning, plus an optional Browser Extension for enhanced discovery.

Can Trelica integrate with my existing IT infrastructure?

Absolutely. Trelica has hundreds of connectors, spanning, Identity Providers, finance systems, HRIS, MDMs and business applications. What’s more, we will add new connectors on-demand, for free, where an app has an open API.

If I start a trial will your sales team descend on me?

No. You will receive a couple of emails with tips and links to tutorial videos (and of course a meeting link in case you want to speak to us). No bombardment, no unwanted calls. We also have to find SaaS tools to run our business - we like testing things out for ourselves and don’t like being harassed, so we’re committed to selling with the same mindset.

How does your Browser Extension work?

The extension - available for all major browsers - can be deployed via your endpoint solution or Identity Provider admin console. The extension is designed to be minimally intrusive from an end user perspective: it’s looking for access to business apps and doesn’t process or store any third-party credentials.

What level of access do you need to our systems?

Like every SaaS management platform, Trelica typically needs admin permissions to integrate with other apps and pull user information. Integration features are tied back to specific permission sets (we use OAuth for authentication wherever available), with the minimum required, read-only permissions set by default.