High-performing, modern IT teams trust Trelica.


Automate the routine

Trelica’s workflows draw on the knowledge gained from your SaaS inventory to offer smart actions that cleanly solve real SaaS ops tasks.

Automate from a firm foundation

Trelica connects the dots to give a single view of users, applications and assets.

Broad coverage

Hundreds of app connectors with granular actions.

Actions that matter

Provision, deprovision, manage access, send messages, synchronize to task management tools.

Monitor and audit

Track workflows to completion to prove compliance.

IT workflows from a business perspective

Trelica focuses on helping you get the job done. Our passion is technical tools tuned to tackle everyday challenges.

Actions that make sense

We don’t expect you to understand the nuance of every API - Trelica uses standardized action names where appropriate, wrapping up complexity and letting you focus on the overall process.

Reach out with Slack and Teams

Trelica understands relationships - contact an application owner via Teams, or ask a leaver’s line manager over Slack if they need access to their email.

Robust logic

Trelica’s workflow engine supports filtering, looping, fields, forms, lookups, conditions - everything you need for reliable automations.


Frequently asked questions

Can I automate complex offboardings like Google, Okta, or Entra ID?

Trelica’s integrations are adapted to relevant actions for each application. For Google Workspace, for example, you can export a user’s emails and upload them to Google Drive in a single action.  

Will Trelica conflict with my Identity Provider?

Whether triggering a workflow from an Okta Event Hook or updating a user’s group assignments so your Identity Provider can make the next changes, Trelica is designed to work alongside and augment your IdP setup.

Can I track entitlement data?

Procurement teams often focus on the headline contract value. Trelica lets you go to the next level and track line-level entitlement data from purchase orders and contracts.

Can Trelica work with on-prem products like Active Directory?

Trelica provides support for interacting with installed software like AD using workflows. You can easily run local Powershell scripts, for example, as part of a Trelica offboarding workflow.

Does it scale?

Trelica works with customers from 100 to 100,000 employees.

What permissions do integrations need?

Trelica connects to other SaaS apps with the minimal capabilities needed. You’re in full control - we document what permissions are needed depending on the actions you need to use.

Is it secure?

Trelica has been SOC2 Type 2 certified from the start, and security has been built in from the bottom-up. All credentials are stored double-encrypted with two keys.

If I start a trial will your sales team descend on me?

No. You will receive a couple of emails with tips and links to tutorial videos (and of course a meeting link in case you want to speak to us). No bombardment, no unwanted calls. We also have to find SaaS tools to run our business - we like testing things out for ourselves and don’t like being harassed, so we’re committed to selling with the same mindset.

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