Contracts & Renewals

Clear view of SaaS spend and renewals

A single source of truth that brings together Finance, Procurement, IT, and app owners across the business.

High-performing, modern IT teams trust Trelica.


Replace spreadsheets with integrated SaaS management

Trelica builds on top of your finance & procurement systems so that you’re leveraging existing data and processes rather than reinventing the wheel.

Maintain a centralized contract inventory

A collaborative workspace to track license entitlements, renewal terms, and contract costs in partnership with app owners.

Never miss a renewal

View all renewals in one place and receive timely notifications to stakeholders using email, Slack, or Teams.

Real-time SaaS spend analysis

Immediate access to real-time spend data without updating spreadsheets or asking Finance for reports.

App usage data on tap

Get up-to-date analysis about who is actually using an app versus the number of seats you are buying.

Streamlined SaaS procurement & renewal management

Procurement is a team game. Negotiating optimal terms means understanding how software is actually being used, and having timely input from users and application owners.

An integrated ecosystem

Trelica’s connectors with systems like Coupa, NetSuite, Procurify and Ironclad mean that you have the original contract documents for renewal at your finger-tips.

AI-powered contract data extraction

Convert messy contractual data in PDFs to structured, actionable content on your license entitlements and renewal dates.

Layer on utilization data for better insights

Leverage hundreds of app connectors to analyze the actual utilization of your purchased licenses.

Automate your renewal process

Interactive workflows help you assess satisfaction with a vendor, find out early whether application owners want to renew and steer them through the process.

Trelica SaaS Contract & Renewal Management Software

Frequently asked questions

How does this work with invoice and expense data from our finance system?

A finance system connection from Trelica lets you rapidly get data about overall SaaS spend for applications. Procurement data will give you the specifics about when the renewal is due, the number of seats you’re buying, and when you need to give notice to terminate a contract. Comparing data from both is a good way to understand if additional costs have crept in beyond initial expectations.

Why can’t I just do this with our procurement or contract management tool?

Procurement tools aren’t designed to track licences bought, and often focus on the flow around getting purchase orders raised and approved, rather than the longer term considerations of working with business owners to manage renewals. On the flip side, contract management tools will often focus on contractual terms and renewals but not on the details of what’s been bought and certainly not on how it relates to the actual use of the SaaS applications. Trelica fills this gap.

Can I track license entitlement data?

Procurement teams often focus on the headline contract value. Trelica lets you go to the next level and track line-level entitlement data from purchase orders and contracts.

I don’t have access to our procurement systems. Is this still useful to me?

A renewal calendar can be built with minimal data and input. Just having visibility on the dates an app renews gives you the time to prepare, and any finance data source will mean Trelica can show you the biggest contracts to focus on.

Do you help us negotiate with our SaaS vendors?

No. We see negotiation services as distinct from SaaS management, and it's redundant for many of our customers (who have well-established procurement teams). We want to empower our customers with a platform that enables them to understand and manage their SaaS spend & renewals.

If I start a trial, will your sales team depend on me?

No. You will receive a couple of emails with tips and links to tutorial videos (and, of course, a meeting link in case you want to speak to us). No bombardment, no unwanted calls. We also have to find SaaS tools to run our business - we like testing things out for ourselves and don’t like being harassed, so we’re committed to selling with the same mindset.

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