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Reduce SaaS spend without impacting innovation

SaaS is one of your top operating expenses - it's also critical to business success. One-off vendor negotiations and license audits only get you so far. IT teams use Trelica to engage end-users and right-size SaaS usage continuously.

Identify overlapping usage

Continuous SaaS discovery and overlap analysis enable you to address duplicative app usage at the point it begins.

Track and reduce license wastage

Combine usage insights from hundreds of app integrations and find licenses assigned to inactive users and company leavers.

Engage users

From Slack and Teams messages to short surveys, meet users where they are and ensure your optimization efforts aren't at odds with user needs.

Report savings

Demonstrate ROI with a clear and credible view of real-time savings, all linked back to the Trelica workflows and actions behind the numbers.

Deep integrations + automation

Hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors gather detailed usage insights that drive continuous, automated SaaS spend optimization

A complete picture of user engagement

Trelica combines and utilizes data from multiple sources including Identity Providers, HRIS and business apps - giving you a clear view of user engagement, from login history to number of meetings hosted or files shared.

Powerful workflows that are easy to create

Create workflows in minutes that engage with end users and automate the retrieval of wasted licenses. From excluding service accounts, to protecting users or even whole teams, we've thought of all the details for you.

Granular API actions for smart deprovisioning

Automate the final steps of removing a wasted license with flexible workflow actions. From license changes and account deactivations, through to actions that transfer resources (files, recordings etc.) to other users so content isn’t lost as licences are removed.

Trelica SaaS Spend Optimization

Frequently asked questions

Do you help us negotiate with our SaaS vendors?

No. We see negotiation services as distinct from SaaS management, and for many of our customers (who have well-established procurement teams), it’s redundant. We want to empower our customers with a platform that enables them to understand and manage their SaaS utilization and access continuously. Discounts are transactional; optimization and access compliance are operational.

Can you optimize any SaaS app?

No. We need to reach a data quality threshold where we can reliably say a user holds a license and they’re inactive. That’s dependent on the availability of APIs, the features they support and your ability to access the APIs if the vendor only makes it available on premium plans. It’s our job to help you navigate this complexity and offer advice on where to target your optimization efforts.

If you deprovision a user, will they lose their data?

In some situations, yes. Every API has a different approach - we translate this to a standard set of Trelica actions so you know what a workflow action will do: ‘suspend’ means the license is still assigned, ‘deactivate’ removes the license without deleting the account,  ‘delete’ is destructive. Where available in APIs, Trelica also supports actions to transfer content during deprovisioning.

Will Trelica create conflicts with my Identity Provider?

No. We realize your Identity Provider is likely your ‘source of truth’ - managing access to, even (de)provisioning accounts in your SaaS apps. Where an IdP is the ‘master’ for an app, Trelica will work through the IdP to make changes e.g. through group reassignment. Where an app isn’t covered by your IdP, Trelica can plug the gaps.

If I start a trial will your sales team descend on me?

No. You will receive a couple of emails with tips and links to tutorial videos (and of course a meeting link in case you want to speak to us). No bombardment, no unwanted calls. We also have to find SaaS tools to run our business - we like testing things out for ourselves and don’t like being harassed, so we’re committed to selling with the same mindset.

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